Meet the Teacher Excellence Program's Leadership and Instructional Coaches

The Instructional Coaches are required to have a Masters’ degree, a minimum of six years of experience as early childhood education classroom Teachers and possess early childhood education content expertise with the ability to teach adult learners. In addition to developing and facilitating observation and research-based professional development, their primary work is to coach, mentor, model for and provide technical support and assistance to classroom Teachers designed to increase their classroom practices.

Porter-Leath's Teacher Excellence Program also has a specialized focus on social-emotional training for early childhood educators. In order to perform at their best, early childhood educators must understand young children's ability to regulate their emotions and to relate to the world. Children's social environment can affect their classroom behavior and academic performance long after preschool, so it is critical that all educators are able to model responsible emotional management, decision making and relationship skills.

Tina Howard

Instructional Coach

In her role as an Instructional Coach for the Teacher Excellence Program (TEP) at Porter-Leath, Tina Howard works alongside teachers to improve student performance. She employs evidence-based best practices by observing, modeling, training, and sharing resources and strategies to help teachers actively engage students in literacy rich lessons to achieve high-quality academic outcomes.

Ms. Howard two favorite children’s authors include Rosemary Wells and Russel Hoban. Her four children grew up listening to the mischievous adventures of the characters in Noisy Nora and Bedtime for Frances and now Ms. Howard shares those childhood favorites and her love for reading with her grandchildren.