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Foster Grandparents: Leaving a Legacy of Learning and Loving

“Look who is here! Grandma’s here!” This greeting is how Mary Jones aka “Grandma Mary” greeted the twenty children who eagerly awaited her arrival to their classroom at KIPP Henry Collegiate Elementary. Not surprisingly, Grandma Mary was a popular figure at KIPP Henry where she volunteered for the past five years and was a strong recruiter of other Foster Grandparents. After retiring from Porter-Leath as an employee, Ms. Jones decided she wanted to spend time in... Read More

Connecting with Compassion

As Regional Case Consultant, LaRhomica works hard to find foster homes and forever homes for children for whom the state has full guardianship. Her professional experience and grit guides her ability to place children safe and protective environments, but it is LaRhomica’s personal connection with foster care that helps her understanding of and rapport with the children teens she serves. LaRhomica bounced around to foster homes and relatives most of her life, and at one point in her jo... Read More

LENA Grow: Helping Teachers Increase Conversations in the Classroom

Porter-Leath is committed to ensuring that our teachers and childcare provider partners are best-equipped to educate our children and prepare them for kindergarten. In early March, Porter-Leath launched LENA Grow, a 10-week professional development program that aims to maximize conversational turns between teacher and child. Like LENA Start, children who have received parental consent in LENA Grow wear a vest with a recording device. Instead of tracking conversational turns at home, LENA Gro... Read More

Porter-Leath Celebrates Service Milestones for 2017!

Each year, Porter-Leath honors those who have completed service milestones with the agency. In addition to dinner with their leader, each honoree received a framed certificate and a thank you gift of their choosing. Please join us as we recognize these wonderful staff who help us empower children and families to achieve a healthy, optimal and independent lifestyle each day! Five Years Tykese Patterson, Melissa Rivera, Rita Miller, Bobbie Rodgers, Cetonya Davis, Addie Guinn, Alisha Burns E... Read More

Going Beyond the Academics: Porter-Leath’s Early Head Start and Head Start Programs

Porter-Leath’s Preschool program strives to achieve measurable academic goals to insure students are ready for kindergarten on day one - academically, socially, and developmentally. To meet these goals, Porter-Leath uses a robust evidence-based curriculum and offers a dynamic array of health, disability, and nutrition services, all facilitated by the best-trained team of educators and family service providers. Enhancing Their Learning Experience Through Music According to the Nationa... Read More