Shared Experiences Lead to Best Outcome

The residential program had a 16-year-old foster child enter custody after her aunt and uncle informed DCS she and her brother were no longer welcomed in their home, primarily after finding out she was pregnant. Custody of this girl was given to her paternal uncle and his wife after the death of both of her parents. This child suffered extreme verbal abuse from her uncle, was in an abusive relationship, and often reminded that she was to blame for her and her brother's situation. Another home was found, this time with a foster parent who had been through almost identical situations in her teenage years. The girl was able to learn positive parenting, time management, and coping skills. She was able to graduate high school with little to no support from her uncle and aunt. The Porter-Leath foster parent and her child’s father were the only two people who attended her high school graduation, although her aunt did drop her off at the graduation location. This girl has gone on to obtain her own apartment and car, maintain custody of her son without having more children, and recently becoming a college student majoring in Social Work. She is a shining example of achieving a healthy, optimal and independent lifestyle.