Marcella Makes the Most

My name is Marcella and I would like to thank Porter-Leath for bringing out the best in me! Growing up, my family was beyond dysfunctional – I was the oldest of six, my mother a single parent and drug addict. My grandmother took care of us, but by eleven, life had gotten even worse. My grandmother passed away and my mother left for good to pursue the street life. As an eleven year old, I became the primary care giver for my five brothers and sisters. Eventually, other family members realized that our mother had left for good and sought help.

Our family was placed in foster care at Porter-Leath and after the assessments were complete, we were told that we had a new place to live. Initially scared, we fell in love with the Parkers, who were so kind to us and provided a nurturing and stable environment. Mrs. Parker was a family day home operator who participated in the Spoonfuls program and let me work in her daycare facility, which increased my desire to work with children. In addition to encouraging me, Mrs. Parker taught me the life skills of loving and caring for myself as well as caring and loving others. 

Because of Porter-Leath, my brothers and sisters were able to grow up together with me in a proper environment. After becoming an adult, the agency invested me with job training and skills through the CareerPlace program and today I am a successful family day home operator, partnered with Porter-Leath’s Spoonfuls program, providing a safe, learning environment and proper nutrition for the next generation.