Latonya Taylor Loves Kids, Invests in Others

Latonya Taylor loves kids. And she loves her job. As the site manager of one South Memphis' Early Head Start centers, she takes her job very seriously. Inspiring people along the way.This is a story about Latonya Taylor. Actually, it is a story about playing with toy blocks.  More specifically, it is a story of how the blocks represent Latonya's journey to this point. Before she climbed the managerial ladder to site manager and family service coordinator at the Renaissance Early Head Start in South Memphis, Miss Taylor was a lot like the families she works with everyday. "I was not working. I was leaving an abusive relationship. And I was actually was in transition living in a shelter," Taylor said. 

Although she was down she had finally found an avenue to get back up. After enrolling her children in Head Start, she also found a new start, a job with Porter-Leath. "Not having a lot of experience in the work force, they gave me an opportunity and with that opportunity came other opportunities," Taylor said. She started as a bus monitor. Then administrative assistant before working her way up to family service worker. And then she hit a roadblock. No college degree, so she could not be promoted anymore.  She went back to school for a better chance at a life. A better foundation.  Latonya got that bachelor's degree. And got the job she dreamed of. 

But this is where the story gets even better. She made sure other moms just like her got a shot too. Jeray Cox's twins attend the early Head Start program. Latonya has mentored Jeray and countless other moms to be all that they can be. "Miss Taylor encouraged me to go back to school to pursue it. If this is what you want to do, you can be a mom. You can be a mom that works and it's possible by her sharing her story with me," Cox said. 

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