Larry, a 16 year old boy, came to Porter-Leath's Runaway Homeless Youth program in January as a walk-in. He was transported to the agency by an elderly gentleman who reported that the youth had been living with his daughter for years, however she was no longer able to care for him due to substance abuse issues. The gentleman reported that he was the primary caregiver as the youth's birth mother was deceased and no other birth family members were willing to accept the caregiver role for the youngster. The older gentleman expressed that the youth displays defiant behaviors which consists of overwhelming profanity usage, truancy, and negative peer associations which makes it difficult to care for him. 

While at Porter-Leath's Sarah's Place, Larry received meals, shelter, clothing, supervised computer and telephone privileges, individual counseling, along with outdoor recreational activities. Larry’s case management and therapy progress has allowed him to enter a foster home, where he continues to mature and thrive in a stable home.