Grandpa George

George Watson, or Grandpa George as the children at Douglass Head Start refer to him, has been a foster grandparent volunteer with Porter-Leath for eight years, serving for over 1,000 hours each year. He has spent all his years mentoring the young children in the Douglass community. On any day you can enter the classroom and find Grandpa George singing and dancing with the children. He plays games and offers a comforting hand to the children when they are upset. All the children vie to ‘sit next to Grandpa’ in his rocker. He is always willing to assist the teachers in any way. He will bring items to use in the classroom and for special activities. Grandpa George has mentored over 20 children during his tenure. He spends an average of 25 hours each week at Douglass Head Start. He always has a smile on his face and a special way of calming the children in times of distress. Recently he spent many hours with a young boy who had not communicated much within the classroom. Grandpa spent time each day talking with the boy and encouraging him to participate in the activities. As the months went on, the teachers noticed that the boy was participating more and even communicating more. His attitude and behavior improved with the help from Grandpa. 

Grandpa George has been a great asset to the teachers and children at Douglass Head Start. He enjoys the time he spend with the students and is a great male role model for all children. Grandpa George was nominated and selected as a finalist for the Ujima Award through Memphis CARES Mentoring Movement in 2015.

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