Going Beyond the Academics: Porter-Leath’s Early Head Start and Head Start Programs

Porter-Leath’s Preschool program strives to achieve measurable academic goals to insure students are ready for kindergarten on day one - academically, socially, and developmentally. To meet these goals, Porter-Leath uses a robust evidence-based curriculum and offers a dynamic array of health, disability, and nutrition services, all facilitated by the best-trained team of educators and family service providers.

Enhancing Their Learning Experience Through Music

According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), thoughtfully planned music experiences can support and nurture each of the domains of early development including social-emotional, physical (gross motor skills), thinking (cognitive), and language and literacy. Claire Valine and Hilarie Dalhauser of Musicare provide structured music programs each day inside Porter-Leath classrooms. Both ladies play guitar, write music, and boast a child-like enthusiasm for singing silly songs for the benefit of developing the young minds of the Porter-Leath students.


Building Their Social and Emotional Skills

It was a cold Friday morning, the last day of school before the Holiday Break in December at Porter-Leath’s Douglass Head Start.  They had a FIRE DRILL!!!!!  After all the preliminaries had been taken care of and it was time to go back into the building,  three year old Noah stood still, looking back to make sure his four year old brother Collen was in line and headed back safely into the building.  After his teacher assured him that his brother was in line behind him, he hesitantly moved on, but slowly.  Noah then spotted Collen and with a big grin he began to move on with his class as they went back in the building to their classroom.  Now, that’s a “little brother” keeping an eye on his “big brother!”

Empowering their Family to Succeed Too!

Jessica is a proud mother of two Porter-Leath Preschoolers, Piper and Justin at St. Williams Head Start in Millington, TN. Jessica volunteers often in the classroom alongside her children’s teacher, Bobbie Moorehead. With the encouragement of Mrs. Moorehead and Jessica’s on-site Family Service Worker, Jessica earned her GED during Christmas Break. “This is a great and very empowering accomplishment,” says Mrs. Moorehead. “She deserves all the recognition that she can get for this amazing milestone in her and her family life.”