Cornerstone Parents Receive Support Through Monthly Group Connections

Porter-Leath’s Cornerstone program helps new parents become their child’s first teacher through the evidence-based Parents As Teachers curriculum. In addition to participating families receiving bi-weekly home visits from highly trained Parent Educators, they also engage in monthly meetings called “group connections” that offer opportunities for both parents and children to come together for peer-to-peer bonding and activities.

“Parents are provided a safe and nurturing environment,” says Kimberly Thomas, Cornerstone Manager, about the group connections. “It allows us to reach our families in a way that sometimes do not have support within their own families.”

During Group Connections, parents learn via a guest speaker or through hands-on activities various topics including financial stability, child protection and safety, health and nutrition, mental health, goal setting, and of course, parenting skills.

“We all know that parenting is challenging for ALL parents,” says Kimberly. “ But when they don’t have easy access to resources, they may not be able to provide the needs for their children. We are there to give them a hand up which empowers the parent to reach their own goals.”

Cornerstone’s most recent group connection walked parents through the process of how to apply for needs based preschool and what documents to bring to their child’s Pre-K screening for school.