Children and Parents Learn Together

What a way to start a life! My son Robert graduated from Porter-Leath's Head Start program and is now excelling in MCS. 

I remember when I first walked into the Center and was greeted with a huge smile and kind staff. I'll admit, when I first met my child's teacher, I had the thought "she looks like the mean teacher of the bunch," but that instantly changed. Mrs. Lisa was exactly what my son needed. She was not only the best teacher Robert has ever had, but she was the best teacher I've ever had.

Disciplining Robert has always been a challenge for me. Mrs. Lisa taught me how to be a mother to Robert, which has been a huge help. Robert is my oldest, so I have been able to use the life lessons Mrs. Lisa showed me with my other children and we have a solid home because of this. 

I thanked Mrs. Lisa every day and she probably wondered why. Teachers have to deal with a lot of little attitudes throughout the day, and when the parents also come in with bad attitudes, the teachers really have a difficult job on their hands. 

Robert is now in third grade, but still talks about Mrs. Lisa all the time and how much fun he had in her room. While Robert is reading on his own now, I make sure to spend time reading with all of my children, just as Mrs. Lisa did, because reading is the key to academic success.

I could go on and on, even write a book, but I'm not. Porter-Leath Head Start has a special place in my heart, not at the bottom, but at the top.

-Robert's mom

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