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Easy As 1, 2, 3: A parent’s perspective on what makes Porter-Leath special

Myrika Williford takes her volunteer role on Porter-Leath’s Preschool Parent Council seriously. As a representative for Renaissance Early Head Start on the council, Myrika provides feedback from parents to Renaissance’s site manager and works collaboratively with members of the council and Porter-Leath staff to make decisions that effect the Preschool Program. She is also on a mission to educate parents on why it is important to volunteer in their child’s classroom... Read More
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Porter-Leath Teams with the United Way of the Mid-South to Drive the Dream

Living in poverty can feel like you are facing an eight-headed dragon.  Just one problem can sink you into a hole of despair. Your car breaks down, so you can’t get to work, you can’t work which means you can’t pay for food, shelter or childcare. Your child gets sick and you have no one to take care of them and you have to take off from work. Your job has downsized and you lose your job while already living paycheck to paycheck on an income that barely covers your... Read More
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LENA Grow: Helping Teachers Increase Conversations in the Classroom

Porter-Leath is committed to ensuring that our teachers and childcare provider partners are best-equipped to educate our children and prepare them for kindergarten. In early March, Porter-Leath launched LENA Grow , a 10-week professional development program that aims to maximize conversational turns between teacher and child. Like LENA Start, children who have received parental consent in LENA Grow wear a vest with a recording device. Instead of tracking conversational turns at home, LENA... Read More
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Going Beyond the Academics: Porter-Leath’s Early Head Start and Head Start Programs

Porter-Leath’s Preschool program strives to achieve measurable academic goals to insure students are ready for kindergarten on day one - academically, socially, and developmentally. To meet these goals, Porter-Leath uses a robust evidence-based curriculum and offers a dynamic array of health, disability, and nutrition services, all facilitated by the best-trained team of educators and family service providers. Enhancing Their Learning Experience Through Music According to the ... Read More
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Junior League of Memphis Shares What They Love about Memphis with Porter-Leath Preschoolers

The Junior League of Memphis recently partnered with Porter-Leath to promote and increase literacy skills in Porter-Leath Preschools throughout the Mid-South.  Several Junior League members each visited all of Porter-Leath’s Preschools to read We Live in Memphis! , give each child a copy of the book, and lead a fun activity to highlight each child’s four favorite things about Memphis. To set up a volunteer day in a Porter-Leath classroom to share what you love about Memphis, or to... Read More
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