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A Long Journey to Success for a Former Sarah’s Place Youth

At the young age of 15, Cristen was placed into Porter-Leath’s Sarah’s Place program. Cristen’s turn-around success story can inspire anyone who has faced hardship in life. Before coming to Sarah’s Place, Cristen was in junior high and began to sell drugs in order to help his mother pay the bills. Eventually, his mother was evicted, leaving Cristen homeless and searching for friends to stay with for days at a time. After getting into a car accident that put him in the... Read More
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Shared Experiences Lead to Best Outcome

The residential program had a 16-year-old foster child enter custody after her aunt and uncle informed DCS she and her brother were no longer welcomed in their home, primarily after finding out she was pregnant. Custody of this girl was given to her paternal uncle and his wife after the death of both of her parents. This child suffered extreme verbal abuse from her uncle, was in an abusive relationship, and often reminded that she was to blame for her and her brother's situation. Another home... Read More
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Larry, a 16 year old boy, came to Porter-Leath's Runaway Homeless Youth program in January as a walk-in. He was transported to the agency by an elderly gentleman who reported that the youth had been living with his daughter for years, however she was no longer able to care for him due to substance abuse issues. The gentleman reported that he was the primary caregiver as the youth's birth mother was deceased and no other birth family members were willing to accept the caregiver role for the... Read More
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