Staff Blog

Tajuana Toliver | Case Manager

How did you learn of the job opportunity at Porter-Leath? 

I would pass Porter-Leath taking my child to school, and I noticed the sign, and I went home and I Googled Porter-Leath and saw that I could serve the agency with my background and my educational skills that I’ve acquired. 

What’s the best part of being a Case Manager at Porter-Leath? 

I think the best part about being a Case Manager at Porter-Leath is meeting so many young children, and just knowing and seeing the potential that they have.  You’re not just pushing papers, or filing or doing paperwork, but these are actual lives, and what you do or say to others and to these children and their families could either make or break them in ensuring them that they are not their circumstances and they can overcome - just to use whatever trials that they may be going through to better themselves in the long run. 

What do clients need from you to succeed? 

The thing that my clients need from me is more of an emotional support, consistency, being present, being able to validate what they’re feeling, their fears, and not being judgemental when they do act out those feelings when they’re not able to articulate.  We just have to be cognizant of what we do and really love our job and serve our clients with a purpose.

What’s the best part of being a Case Manager at Porter-Leath? 

The one thing that I like about being a Case Manager at Porter-Leath is supervisors and leaders who are very knowledgeable .  We meet regularly through staff, our cases, just to get feedback on what we can do better if there’s anything we can do better to reach a common goal.

What do you want your children to become in 20 years? 

Productive citizens.  Building communities, and helping somebody else the way that they were helped.  Just using their story to let somebody else know that they don’t have to succumb to their situation.