Staff Blog

Shequita Crawford | Case Manager

How did you learn of the job opportunity at Porter-Leath?

In Sunday School, my church member would always talk about Porter-Leath, Porter-Leath - that she loved working for Porter-Leath. 

What is the best part of being a Case Manager at Porter-Leath?

The best part is that I get to meet different children and I get to meet different workers throughout the state of Tennessee. 

What do clients need from you to succeed?  

My clients need a listening ear, and just support.  In 20 years, I would like them to be actually be successful in a career, have completed college and actually have a great job. 

How have you been successful at Porter-Leath? 

I’ve actually been successful at Porter-Leath.  I’ve actually been here for 3 years and I know most of the systems, so I get a lot of questions about how to do this, and how to do that. The number of children that we serve has actually increased, and that we’ve had several success stories as well.  

Why should someone be a Case Manager at Porter-Leath?  

I would suggest being a Case Manager at Porter-Leath if you love the community and love giving back.  As you see people out from Porter-Leath with uniforms on and you’re like  “Hey, you work for Porter-Leath?” “Yea, I do to!  Where do you work?” And that will start a whole different conversation.  And then that also work when it's in the community because every time I have a Porter-Leath t-shirt, someone has a question about “Where can I go to get a child in Head Start? What do you do at Porter-Leath?  How can I get on at Porter-Leath?”  

What drives you?  What is your personal mission? 

What drives me is being able to help.  I have one achievement with one female resident.  She actually went off to college.  She started at Rust but she ended up going to Mississippi State.   As long as I know I’ve actually reached out and been able to make a change in someone’s life - one child’s life, I know that I did my job.