Staff Blog

James Thomas | Compliance Manager


What is your obligation to the Porter-Leath children and families?

My obligation to children and families is to number one make sure that they live in a safe environment, make sure that the staff that service them from Porter-Leath is competent, professional, and has a high level of compassion to assist them to operate at their optimal level.  

What impact does your staff make?   

Providing the services needed for them to function as a family in the community with the least restricted environment.  The impact is great as far as helping them to succeed in their individual and family goals.  

What do you look for in a Case Manager?   

The type of individuals that works best are individuals that are passionate about what they do.  They’re also compassionate to the clients that they serve.  They also have a vast knowledge of human services, social work and some counseling skills, that they have a high level of ethics about them, that they practice integrity on a regular basis.  

How do you lead your staff to achieve goals?  

I lead my staff to achieve their goals by first of all making certain that they have the resources and tools that they would need to have in order to be successful with working with families.  Also, I lead my team to success by being willing to roll up my sleeves to help them in areas that they need help.  

What’s the biggest reason someone should work at Porter-Leath?  

Number one, there’s always room for opportunity.  Two, we have a family, very cohesive environment among the team members.  The third reason is if you wanted to help youth, Porter-Leath would be the ideal place.  After all, Porter-Leath is the oldest agency in our community.  

Define success for your team.  

Success for my team would be for each family that we serve, they would be reunited with their family.  100% of those youth will return back home with their caregivers.