Staff Blog

Flora Austin | Residential Monitor

How did you learn of the job opportunity at Porter-Leath?

I saw it in the newspaper, and that’s been, probably about 14-15 years ago.

What drew you to Porter-Leath? 

I had always worked with mentally challenged children, and I wanted to get a feel for working with juvenile children. 

What drives you?  What is your personal mission?

The challenge in working with the children.  Trying to be there for them, whether it’s emotional, or that they can come and talk to me and tell me what’s going on with them, that’ fine.  Just try to be pretty much like a mother figure. 

What’s the best part of being a Residential Monitor at Porter-Leath? 

Working with the kids, and then my co-workers.  I like it.  Sometimes when I get off, I’m still here.  Maybe if a situation is going on, or something with a child, I’m still here trying to assist, or just talking to my co-workers because we don’t get to see each other like that. 

Why should someone be a Residential Monitor at Porter-Leath? 

To come to Porter-Leath and work, the environment is good, I mean we have some challenges sometimes working with the children, but that comes with the job.  So if you’re not here just to be here about the money, and be here for the child and the child’s needs, that’s it right there.  Just being here for the child. 

How have you been successful at Porter-Leath?

I’ve been successful because I’m still at Porter-Leath!  And, that’s enough said on that.  You know, I’ve been successful for being here, and I just like what I do.

Where go you want clients to be in 20 years?

Most of my residents that we have here, I want them to be back with their families if possible.  And if not, I want them to be somewhere where they have learned from being here at Porter-Leath, and say, “Hey, I was there” and pass it on to some other child that has challenges going on with them.  Giving back - I want them to be giving something back!