Staff Blog

Candace Tate | Contract Compliance Specialist

Porter-Leath has been my work home for almost six years, and in that time I have realized I have been fortunate to witness client successes, company growth and progress. I often interact with employees from multiple departments by participating in volunteer activities and site visits. Porter-Leath provides many opportunities for staff to give back while they are working, which brings a greater sense of meaning to the Values, Mission and Goals. Being able to volunteer in the biggest and best festival in the city, the Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival, has to be one of the main reasons why I love working for Porter-Leath, as it gives me, and other employees, the chance to interact with each other and watch as the Memphis community supports the thousands children and families we serve. 

Porter-Leath has provided me opportunities to volunteer in outside community events to promote the Porter-Leath brand, as well as to attend various lunch and learns that have helped me in time management, data systems management, measuring impact and conducting internal self-assessments. Participating in these opportunities has allowed me to further understand how impactful our work is for the children and families we serve. 

During the course of normal business hours, most staff give back each and every day, as teachers, support staff, family services, home visitors, cooks and monitors. Just by coming to work, the entire Porter-Leath staff is educating, feeding, nourishing and assisting children and families to be their very best!  In turn, Porter-Leath gives back to the staff by providing great benefits, opportunities to earn extra vacation/PTO hours, 401K matching, staff functions, extended casual days and Porter-Leath swag bags for those that are Leadership donors to the annual United Way Campaign. 

Working at Porter-Leath has been a great experience! I have been able to meet and hear about the experiences of so many wonderful staff and families. Throughout the changes and growth, Porter-Leath has always put its Values at the forefront of everything, because they want everyone to know that "We believe in accountability, earliest intervention, safest environment, teamwork, integrity, professional development and doing what we say."