Staff Blog

Becca Diamond | Data Analyst

I have to admit that I was a little intimidated when I was told to memorize the mission statement on my first day of work. What I didn’t realize at the time was the degree to which Porter-Leath staff embodies the agency mission, vision, and values day in and day out.

These days, most organizations and agencies boast that they’re “data-driven.” While I may have a biased view, from my perspective Porter-Leath is not only data-driven, but more perhaps more importantly, uses data to be value-driven. Given my role to work with staff to identify ways to improve processes and outcomes, I have the opportunity to see their passion for enhancing the services that are provided to families and children. It may seem that analyzing numbers, inputs, and outputs is a pretty dry job. The truth is that when discussing data with Porter-Leath staff, the conversation always comes back to understanding how programs and services can be optimized so that our children and families experience the greatest benefits and so that we can best use our resources. Whether staff is trying to identify resources that can be provided to parents to improve children’s skill growth, develop a plan to safely reunite youth with their families, or recruit top-talent so that Porter-Leath families can be provided with the greatest support - the process, outcomes, and work-in-between are consistently connected back to the agency mission, vision, and values. Frankly, I’ve never met more passionate, genuine, hard-working individuals until I started working at Porter-Leath.