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LaQuita Cole | Site Manager

What drew you to Porter-Leath?  When I started as an AmeriCorps member, I could tell that everyone was there to assist.  I’ve always felt like Porter-Leath has been a family to me, and just a place of growth.  I started here, and this is where my career was, and I wanted to transition within this agency, which is why I applied and I’ve been successful to achieve those goals.  But I definitely will say this is where I want to retire from.  I love... Read More

Annette Payne | Teacher

How did you learn of the job opportunity at Porter-Leath?  I learned about the job opportunity here at Porter-Leath through a good friend of mine.  She worked with Porter-Leath in another department, and she told me all about it, and she was like, “well why don’t you try.”  What drew you to Porter-Leath?  I have a background in social work.  I first used to work with the Department of Children Services.  What drew me here is because... Read More

Rhonda Watson | Teacher

How did you learn of the job opportunity at Porter-Leath? I learned about the job opportunity at Porter-Leath through the internet.  I was willing to relocate at the time, and I was searching the Memphis area for jobs in the area that I was working, and I came across Porter-Leath.  What drew you to Porter-Leath? I had a couple of friends that worked for Porter-Leath at the current time, and I did a little research and I saw that Porter-Leath values the same things... Read More

LaChandra Mason | Teacher

What drew you to Porter-Leath?  What made me work at Porter-Leath is the mission, and the ability to work with the children.  I got a Bachelor’s degree in Education at the University of Memphis, and I also have a degree in Sociology.  At Porter-Leath we deal with children that come from different socio-economic backgrounds.   So being here at Porter-Leath, it allows me not to just look at my one child in my one classroom, but to look at the child in my... Read More

Shirley Floyd | Site Manager

What is your obligation to the Porter-Leath children and families?  My obligation to the children and families is to make sure that they are provided all the services that the organization has to provide them.  What impact does your staff make?  One impact that we make specifically to our parents is to assist them with whatever goals that they have set to accomplish.  Those goals may range from going back to school, getting a GED, ensuring that they get a job... Read More

Breka Moore-Stone | Teacher

What did you want to be when you grew up?  I actually wanted to be a pediatrician, but I felt more passion with working hands on, and actually teaching children different skills, and being creative.  How did you learn of the job opportunity at Porter-Leath? I actually did an online search.  When I entered my information, Porter-Leath popped up, so I actually looked up Porter-Leath online, and that’s when I said, “okay, I need to go ahead and submit my... Read More

Ebony Hall | Family Service Worker

What did you want to be when you grew up? As I was growing up, I wanted to be a teacher, and a social worker, so I’ve taught, and now I’m here.  What drew you to Porter- Leath?  What drew me to Porter-Leath was the transition from Shelby County Government to Porter-Leath, and I am extremely thankful for the transition.  What is the best part of being a Family Service Worker at Porter-Leath?  The best thing about being a Family Service Worker... Read More