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Opportunities for seniors to reinvest in the lives of future generations

Children need strong, consistent relationships with caring adults that help build confidence and life skills. They need extra love, nurturing and understanding. They need Generations, the Porter-Leath sponsored version of the national Foster Grandparent and RSVP Senior Corps programs. Generations helps to fill the gap, bringing children in need together with seniors in a mutually-beneficial experience. 

For more information, call Judy Rautine at 901-577-2500 x 1128. 

Services Provided 


  • One-on-one emotional support of disadvantaged children
  • Tutoring of children with low literacy skills
  • Mentoring of troubled youth
  • Nurturing premature infants and children with physical disabilities or illnesses




  • Increased sense of belonging and accomplishment for seniors
  • Increased interaction and nurturing for children
  • Stronger communities through cross-generational learning
  • Respectful, positive relationships with caring older adults


To provide older Americans an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of over 6,500 disadvantaged children and young adults. 


Although the Foster Grandparent Program has operated in Memphis since 1972, Porter-Leath has been the sole sponsor since 1985. Porter-Leath began sponsoring the RSVP program in DeSoto County, MS in 2011.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does RSVP stand for?

RSVP is the acronym for Retired and Senior Volunteer Program.

What is the purpose of RSVP?

RSVP is a part of a national organization that provides volunteer opportunities for seniors to serve in their local communities.

What are the requirements to apply?

Signing up to become an RSVP volunteer is as simple as your birth date. If you are at least 55 years of age, you qualify to become an RSVP volunteer. However, if you choose a volunteer position that works with children, additional background checks may apply.

How often do I have to volunteer?

RSVP was designed to help keep seniors active and create opportunities for them to use their wealth of knowledge and experience in their communities. Volunteer assignments are flexible. Although you choose how frequently you want to volunteer, we ask that you maintain the time commitment of your selected assignment.

What type of volunteer opportunities are available?

Porter-Leath RSVP in DeSoto County has over 30 site stations that give volunteers a variety of assignment options. Volunteer positions include Health Ambassador, Tutor, Data Entry Clerk, Computer Trainer, Volunteer Leader, Teacher Assistant, Library Assistant and more.

Do I have to be a resident of DeSoto County?

No. RSVP volunteers do not have to reside in DeSoto County, but serve in DeSoto County.

Is RSVP the same as or similar to Porter-Leath’s Foster Grandparent Program (FGP)?

RSVP and the FGP are both part of the national program, Senior Corps and provide volunteer opportunities for seniors in their local communities. Unlike FGP, RSVP volunteers do not receive stipends.

What are the benefits of becoming a RSVP volunteer?

Whether or not you are already volunteering or seeking volunteer opportunities, there are benefits to joining RSVP. In addition to remaining active and sociable, RSVP volunteers receive training, supplemental insurance, the opportunity to attend holiday social gatherings and are recognized during the annual Volunteer Recognition.

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Your monthly gift provides on-going support!

Need some ideas?


$5 -  Toiletry kit for a low-income senior
$10 - Uniforms for volunteering senior citizens
$25 - Hot lunch for Foster Grandparents 
$50 -  Field Trip for 12 Senior Citizens
$75 -  Foster Grandparent and RSVP Recognition

Want to learn more?

If you have room in your home and in your daily life, we would love to talk to you more about becoming an RSVP volunter. Share your information with our Generations team via the form below and we'll be in touch quickly to get you started on the path to mentoring.

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