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Porter-Leath during Toy Truck and help Robin get out of the reindeer pen, click the button below to donate, and remember, all donations are matched by the Secret Santa!


Get Robin out of the Pen!

Thanks to Board President Robin Colwell from The Transportation Club of Memphis for joining us as a celebrity reindeer in 2017! The Transportation Club of Memphis is a long, long time partner of Porter-Leath over the years and is extremely passionate about the power of early childhood education. In addition to collecting toys and raising funds for Porter-Leath during Toy Truck, the group is also a key volunteer group at Porter-Leath's Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival every year.

As Robin says, "The Transportation Club of Memphis has supported Porter-Leath for many years and Toy Truck is an opportunity for us to raise even more. Education during the early formative years is crucial to the development of our children and providing them with Porter-Leath's Preschool program gives them a great foundation for their future." Given Robin's role as Campus Director for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, it's no surprise that she recommends a toy airplane as the best item for a four year old!

Robin and the Transporation Club of Memphis team fully recognize the investment impact of early childhood education in a community's future, and ask that you help Porter-Leath during Toy Truck. The agency's Preschool program serves 6,000 students ages birth to five, and ensures that they are academically ready for kindergarten, developing physically, socially, and emotionally, and that their parents receive the services they need as well.