Festival Info

The Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival attracts over 35,000 folks each year. So that everyone can have the best experience possible, here's some basic information. Looking for more things to do in Memphis or more info about the festival? Check out this profile from Resortsandlodges.com. For additional questions, please see the FAQ section below. For information or questions not answered in either place, please contact us.


No parking is allowed within the festival area, which is Riverside Drive. There are dozens of parking garages and lots within walking distance of the festival and most offer an all-day rate on the weekends. For more suggestions on parking, check out the Downtown Memphis Parking Map.

Where's the Festival?

Rajun Cajun is on Riverside Drive, between Jefferson and Union. If you're using your GPS for getting directions to the event, try Mississippi River Park. Rajun Cajun is free admission, so you don't need a ticket to get into the festival. You will need a ticket to get into the KING'S Rightly Seasoned Swamp VIP Tent and the Cash Saver Gumbo Cook-off. For more information about these areas, visit our Experience page.

What can I bring with me?

Bring a lawn chair if you plan to sit by the stage and we recommend sunscreen, too! Make sure you have your I.D. if you plan to purchase alcohol and bring cash. We do have a few ATMs, but you'll want to spend your time having fun, so make sure you bring cash to start with! A few select places take credit cards - crawfish sales, t-shirt sales, and our auction area.

What can I not bring?

The most common items asked about - pets and coolers. Both are a no-no. Don't bring any outside drinks (water bottles are fine). Also, we don't allow oversize umbrellas, tents, pop up canopies, bicycles or unicycles, roller blades/skates, water guns, frisbees or anything else that's thrown, and weapons. All bags are subject to search. With the crowd density we get, we need to ensure everyone's safety. While it may be fun for you, we don't need anyone getting hit with a errant frisbee toss or knocked over by a bike. Those tents and big umbrellas sure are nice for shade, but they block other folks' views and paths. 


A first aid kit is located at the t-shirt sales tent.

We I.D. everyone on every alcohol purchase at the Festival. Yes, that means you'll need to show your identification each time you buy a drink with alcohol.

Porter-Leath reserves the right to remove any person violating rules or laws, or those who exhibit dangerous, offensive, or disruptive conduct.


Vendors are approved in advance and are the only ones permitted. No person or company is allowed to hand out flyers, cards or other items without Porter-Leath's advance permission and in writing. This includes handing out free drinks and food, political/religious flyers, charitable solicitations, etc. Those doing so will be asked to leave immediately. Porter-Leath is the producer and beneficiary of the event. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is admission?

There is no admission cost as this festival is free to attend. Food and drink is available throughout the festival for purchase with proceeds benefiting Porter-Leath.

How much cash do I need to bring?

It depends. Crawfish is sold in 3 lb buckets and is usually $30/bucket. There's no filler like corn and potatoes, so it's usually enough for one person to enjoy as a meal or two to share for a good size snack. Food vendors have varying menus, but almost all items are under $10. Water and beer are $3-$7 and our margaritas and hurricanes are $9. Remember, all the tips come back to Porter-Leath, too, so tip well! T-shirts are usually $10-$15. We do have a few ATMs at the Festival if you run out of cash and some areas accept credit cards.

What bands are playing?

Great Question! Bands/Musicians are Hope Clayburn's Soul Scrimmage, FreeWorld and Dikki Du and The Zydeco Krewe. They are awesome. Stay tuned!

I can't/don't eat crawfish. Anything else to eat?

Oh yeah! Lots more to eat from our many food vendors. We'll have carnival food, BBQ, sandwiches, grilled corn, and lots more!

Can I buy Swamp tickets the day of the event?

No. We sell out in advance and are limited to the number of Swamp tent entrants. If you'd like to buy them in advance, please call us at 901-577-2500 x 1119.

Can I purchase alcohol at the event?

Yes, if you are 21 or older. We have beer, margaritas, hurricanes and beer. Photo I.D.'s are required from everyone purchasing alcohol!

What happens if it rains?

We party rain or shine! Porter-Leath reserves the right to alter band lineups and schedules due to weather.

What if I lose something?

It happens every year. Keys, cell phones, and even shoes get lost at Rajun Cajun. If you lose something, check the t-shirt sales tent's lost and found.

Do crawfish really walk backwards?

Indeed! Check out the crawfish races to see it in person!