There's lots to do at Rajun Cajun! The festival is free admission and all proceeds benefit the 40,000 local children served by Porter-Leath each year. If you're looking to have the ultimate Rajun Cajun experience, check out some of our opportunities below. Keep in mind that with the exception of the contests, these areas must be booked in advance as they always sell out due to limited quantities.


 Swamp tent attendees
The most popular and exclusive experience at Rajun Cajun is the Monogram Foods Swamp VIP tent. From noon until 6:00 PM that afternoon, attendees enjoy an unlimited crawfish buffet including other Cajun cuisine, desserts, beer, and beverages while relaxing under the shade of the big tent. Tickets are $125 each or $225 per couple. This experience always sells out. To be included on the mailing list, visit our Contact us page and send us your mailing address. For groups of 10+, please call 901-577-2500 x 1119.

*** 2022 Monogram Foods Swamp VIP Tent is Sold Out ***


Gumbo Cookoff winners

It's all about that roux! The Rajun Cajun Cash Saver Gumbo Cook-Off features 24 local and regional teams that compete for the coveted skillet trophy and over $1,000 in cash prizes. Teams must create a truly authentic Louisiana gumbo that includes seafood cooked with various spices and vegetables and served similar to a soup/stew. With no two gumbos alike, our local celebrity judges are up the challenge to find the best dish! 

*** Gumbo Contest is Now Closed ***


Crawfish Eating
crawfish eating contest

How fast can you eat a 3-pound bucket of crawfish? Find out in this crowd-favorite contest. The entry fee is a $20 donation to the Porter-Leath children. Sign up is limited to the first dozen contestants and is in advance. To sign up, visit the t-shirt sales tent on the day of the festival.

Crawfish bobbing
crawfish bobbing

Contestants in this game try not to get in a "pinch" as they try to pull as many live crawfish out of a tub of water using only their mouths! Contestants must be 18 or older and must sign up in advance at the t-shirt sales tent. 

Crawfish racing

crawfish racing

Children love to compete in this game! Contestants and onlookers cheer and shout to help their live crawfish racers make across the finish line first. Walking backward of course! To participate, go to the Beale Street Stage at 2:30 PM on the day of the festival.