Porter-Leath Preschool at KIPP: Memphis

230 Henry Ave, Memphis, TN 38107
(901) 341-2000

Porter-Leath Preschool at KIPP: Memphis serves 100 Head Start children each year. The center is NAEYC accredited and maintains a 3-star quality rating from the Tennessee Department of Human Services. 

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All children enjoy a USDA-approved breakfast, lunch and snack each day at the Porter-Leath Preschool at KIPP: Memphis that is prepared on site. Within the first 45 school days, all children enrolled receive a health, vision, dental and developmental screening at the center. Porter-Leath Preschool uses evidence-based curricula to ensure children enter kindergarten ready to learn. All classrooms at Porter-Leath Preschool at KIPP: Memphis are led by two teachers and children also greatly benefit from interactions with Foster Grandparent and AmeriCorps members at the site. Volunteers are welcome in our classrooms, as they help our students build upon their socialization skills. To sign up, complete our volunteer application, or contact us.

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Over 50% of students live in the 38107 or 38127 ZIP codes.

Outcomes are measured using the Brigance assessment. Porter-Leath measures child-level progress, based upon age, across seven domains: Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Language Development, Literacy, Math, Self-Help, and Social-Emotional. For the 2017-2018 school year, children at the Porter-Leath Preschool at KIPP:Memphis achieved increases in all domains.

Scores for four year old children at this site showed increases of 52% in Gross Motor, 62% in Fine Motor, 31% in Language Development, 167% in Literacy, 74% in Math, 45% in Self-Help, and 65% in Social-Emotional between beginning and year-end assessments. Three year old children achieved increases of 73% in Gross Motor, 68% in Fine Motor, 46% in Language Development, 320% in Literacy, 74% in Math, 64% in Self-Help, and 47% in Social-Emotional.