NEXT Memphis

NEXT Memphis is a shared services childcare initiative housed at Porter-Leath that provides high-quality education and health services for children.

NEXT Memphis will provide services to intentionally increase overall program quality and provide direct services for families to achieve healthy, optimal, independent lifestyles. Leveraging nearly 170 years of producing high-quality results, we aim to partner with providers and develop the well-being of our communities.

Porter-Leath’s NEXT Memphis initiative announced the inaugural cohort of childcare centers that will participate in its shared services program model. The network of standout centers will directly increase educational outcomes for children, family-level outcomes for parents, business viability, and overall childcare center quality. Participants are:

  • Gateway Learning Academy
  • Hooks-Dimmick Child Care
  • Hope House Day care
  • I Rise Christian Academy
  • KIDazzle-Flying Start Child Development Center
  • Lambs & Ivy School
  • Perea Preschool
  • Yale Road Learning Center
  • Calvary Place Child Care
  • Daffy Duck Learning Akademy

Participating centers were selected based upon rigorous evaluation of existing practices, as well as having demonstrable passion for children and families, willingness to innovate and alter business paradigms, established history in serving low-income neighborhoods, and in-depth viewpoints and approaches to excellence.

Theory of Change

Shared Services Alliances utilize economies of scale and specialization to reduce operational costs and save time so that childcare professionals can do what they love: care for children. The result is a significant increase in program quality, business viability, efficiency, family supports, and child outcomes.

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NEXT Memphis, at its essence, is for the community. Developed as a response to local research supported by First 8 Memphis, NEXT Memphis is a shared service program model that helps independent childcare providers reduce costs and improve outcomes, so that they can direct more of their attention and resources to the classroom and families.

NEXT Memphis’ model will ensure that more children enter kindergarten ready to learn, that more families are thriving, and that childcare professionals have the resources and care they need to grow in their profession. Through NEXT Memphis, Porter-Leath will offer wraparound services to families, helping parents set and achieve goals and connecting them with community resources.

Expected outcomes:
Enhanced Program Performance

NEXT Memphis partners will save time and money as they have access to high quality resources, shared staff, trainings, and services at a lower cost. With these savings, directors will be able to invest more of their attention into the quality of their programs and better support the communities they serve.

Improved Educational Outcomes

By improving program quality, business integrity and support for families, the shared services platform will better equip early childhood education programs to prepare children for kindergarten, thus giving them a solid foundation to start a successful educational career.

Increased Community Support

NEXT Memphis will provide wraparound support, including workforce development training, to family members of children in the network programs. The belief is that by equipping families with additional skills, resources, and opportunities, the family will be better positioned in supporting their children’s academic careers and overall well-being.

Chloe Moore,
Director of NEXT Memphis