Memphis Opportunity Scholarship Trust Announces Porter-Leath as Partner School

Memphis Opportunity Scholarship Trust (MOST) is announcing Porter-Leath as a partner school and a new option for future MOST scholarship students. Students who receive scholarships through MOST and graduate from Porter-Leath Preschool can carry the scholarship forward to their next school. 

“Porter-Leath’s attentiveness to early childhood learning translates into their students going on to excel in Kindergarten through 12th grades. We are proud to add them to our fantastic list of partner schools and look forward to watching the students succeed,” said Abbey Cowens, Executive Director of Memphis Opportunity Scholarship Trust.

“Porter-Leath is extremely honored to work with such an incredible and like-minded organization as MOST. Both of our missions run toward a common goal of providing access to quality education. This is just another way that Porter-Leath is living its promise to help provide the best early childhood experience to every child, regardless of zip code or income. This collaboration will deliver a positive impact for children, their families, and their future education,” said Karen Harrell, Porter-Leath Senior Vice President of Early Childhood Services.

Together, MOST and Porter-Leath will give children’s families an opportunity that might not have been available without this partnership, and will ensure children receive high-quality education beginning in preschool.

About Memphis Opportunity Scholarship Trust
Memphis Opportunity Scholarship Trust (MOST) believes that every child deserves an equal opportunity to receive the education that best fits their needs. By providing need-based scholarships, MOST strives to help bridge the educational gap in Memphis.