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Providing a Home for Youth at Sarah’s Place

Porter-Leath’s Sarah’s Place is a residential facility on Manassas Street, which has space available for youth who need a safe and nurturing environment to live away from home. Sarah’s Place is operated by clinical staff 24-hours a day and focuses on providing trauma informed support to both youth and their families. Tony Jackson, Jr. is a case manager for Residential Services who sees his role as an opportunity to ‘fill the gap’ for youth at Sarah’s Place.... Read More

Residential Monitor Hiring Event

Come meet us at our hiring event for Residential Monitors that are part of our social services team! Check out the job description and join us July 16th. Job description: Porter-Leath will host a staff recruitment event on Saturday, July 16th at 880 North Manassas Memphis, TN 38107 for Sarah's Place, Porter-Leath’s residential facility. The event has two sessions, the first is from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. and the second is from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m., both held outside with staff grilling out... Read More

A Long Journey to Success for a Former Sarah’s Place Youth

At the young age of 15, Cristen was placed into Porter-Leath’s Sarah’s Place program. Cristen’s turn-around success story can inspire anyone who has faced hardship in life. Before coming to Sarah’s Place, Cristen was in junior high and began to sell drugs in order to help his mother pay the bills. Eventually, his mother was evicted, leaving Cristen homeless and searching for friends to stay with for days at a time. After getting into a car accident that put him in the ... Read More

Former Sarah’s Place Resident Chooses to Face Life Head On

Jamilla Counts did not have an easy childhood growing up in Chicago. She dealt with abuse and trauma, including witnessing the murder of her own mother. These experiences left her filled with anger and frustration. After losing her biological mother, Jamilla was placed with a foster family, including a woman she called “Mama Strong.” Mama Strong took Jamilla in and eventually they moved to Memphis. Jamilla’s new home had structure and love, and gave her the opportunity to h... Read More

Connecting with Compassion: Nancy Young Uses Her House to Help Children Find a Safe Home

Nancy Young has a passion for raising children to be strong, smart and independent. In 2009, after her children and grandchildren became adults, Ms. Young saw a report on the news about Porter-Leath’s need for foster parents and decided to pursue her certification. She wanted to open her home to provide children a safe and loving home, as long as they needed it. “I saw so many children in Memphis who were being mistreated in different ways and I just wanted to help out,” ... Read More