Porter-Leath Preschool Enrollment

Porter-Leath Preschool is enrolling for 2021-22 school year 
Porter-Leath has provided top-quality early childhood education for over 20 years in the safest environments. There is no better partner to trust than Porter-Leath!


What you can expect:
  • The best-trained early childhood teachers in Memphis
  • State of the art centers
  • Hot nutritious meals
  • An engaging and exciting school day featuring science, math, and literacy activities based on your child’s age
  • Field trips brought to your child’s school
  • Parent meetings and activities so that your family has the resources it needs to achieve its goals and dreams
If you have any questions, contact us at 901-577-2500 ext. 1146.

Frequently Asked Questions

What hours are the centers open?

Our sites will be open from 6:30 AM - 6:00 PM with core instructional hours from 8:30 AM and 3:00 PM.

Do you offer transportation to and from school?

We do not offer transportation.

Do you accept state certificates?

Yes! Porter-Leath Preschool accepts DHS childcare certificates. Contact our office at (901) 577-2500 ext. 1146 to discuss your family's options.

Do you provide meals?

Yes, meals are provided each day (breakfast, lunch and snack) Rates are free, reduced and at cost (TBD)

Do you provide diapers?

No, we do not supply diapers for children who are not potty trained.

Do you provide video footage?

Your site managers and Porter-Leath Preschool leadership monitor and view video footage daily for the safety of all children. We do not currently provide video footage for parent/guardian review.

What are your teacher-to-child ratios?

2 year old classroom……. 2 teachers to 12 children

3 and 4 year old classroom……….2 teachers to 20 children

How do you communicate with parents?

Porter-Leath Preschool communicates with families several ways including:

1. Newsletters

2. Class Dojo App

3. Remind Me text messaging

4. Phone calls (when needed)

Is there a weekly learning plan?

Indeed! Yes, all classrooms follow a weekly lesson plan based on the Creative Curriculum.

Can you tell me about your discipline policy?

Please see the Parent Handbook.

Tell me about your staff's safety training.

In addition to ongoing safety training and review, all classroom staff and their managers are trained in CPR and first aid?

Do we accept children with ISFP/IEP

Yes! We are here to help your child become kindergarten ready - socially, emotionally and academically.

Your monthly gift provides on-going program support!

Need some ideas?


$5 -   New gross motor skill toy monthly for one classroom
$10 - New book monthly for one classroom 
$25 - Field trip for one classroom
$50 - Teacher supply kits for enhanced learning activities
$75 - Parent training classes and recognition