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Porter-Leath during Toy Truck and help Mark and Jonathan get out of the reindeer pen, click the button below to donate, and remember, all donations are matched by the Secret Santa!


Get Mark & Jonathan out of the Pen!

Thanks to Mark Forrester and Jonathan Frisch from Regions Insurance Group for joining us as a celebrity reindeer in 2017! The Regions Insurance Team has supported Toy Truck for a number of years and is a regular volunteer group in Porter-Leath's Preschool centers. Watch the video below to learn more about why Mark and Jonathan are asking for your help in making a difference in Memphis -

About Regions Insurance Group's involvement with Toy Truck, Mark shares that "for a majority of children, life skills and things that they learn start at a very young age, and one of the things that I think Porter-Leath does an incredible job with is working with each of these children to develop to their maximum potential." As Jonathan adds, "Porter-Leath is the one organization in town that helps young kids and their families get a jumpstart on life. This is a great opportunity for Memphians to help local disadvantaged children enjoy a holiday like they deserve.

Mark, Jonathan, and the Regions Insurance Team ask that you help Porter-Leath during Toy Truck. The agency's Preschool program serves 6,000 students ages birth to five, and ensures that they are academically ready for kindergarten, developing physically, socially, and emotionally, and that their parents receive the services they need as well. 

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20% Progress