February 2017

Porter-Leath Launches Teacher Excellence Program

With the opening of the Early Childhood Academy in South Memphis, Porter-Leath also launched the Teacher Excellence Program in February 2017. The Teacher Excellence Program creates a continuum of professional development and embedded training for early childhood educators with 6 master-level coaching instructors and 12 highly-skilled relief teachers. The program utilizes the design feature of the Academy - training center, observation bays, A/V technology - and highly skilled staff to provide high-quality professional development and motivation for Porter-Leath's Preschool teachers, as well as for teachers throughout Shelby County at Shelby County Schools, Achievement School District, KIPP and other charter schools as well as family day home and day care operators. 

By embedding professional development and continual training, early childhood educators across Shelby County will continue Porter-Leath's work in increasing kindergarten readiness, particularly those in poverty. Children who enter kindergarten ready to learn are solidly on a path to be reading on grade level by third grade, which means they will graduate high school at least 90% of the time.  "The Early Childhood Academy is our next step towards revitalizing the Shelby County early childhood education system,” said Sean Lee, President of Porter-Leath. “In the last two years, our dedicated educators have more than doubled the kindergarten readiness rate for children in poverty. The Early Childhood Academy will continue that work as we progress to ensuring every child enters school ready to learn. We look forward to making a meaningful and lasting impact on children and families in the Mid-South."