In the early 1960s, during the tenure of Mr. Paul Sawrie as Director, Porter-Leath Home again went through a long-term renovation and up-grade of their physical plant including:  a remodeling of the inside of the old laundry building (which was situated east of the main building) into an up-to-date meeting hall for parents visiting children and the installation of a three-chair barbershop, a scout workroom, and modern restrooms for girls and boys.  There was a black-topped parking area installed on the east side of the Annex Building as well as a smooth, black-topped basketball court.   The athletic field was rearranged and re-graded with the assistance of the Public Works Department and the Memphis Park Commission.  The playground equipment was rearranged and placed in a larger area of open ground and new swings were installed, also with the help of the Memphis Park Commission.  During these improvements, the final appointments and decorations were furnished by the Exchange Club.

During the 1960s, the Children’s Bureau, which had provided foster care for dependent and neglected children prior to the establishment of the State Child Welfare Division, also moved toward more specialized care.  In 1962, the Bureau, which was now supported by tax funds, opened a group home for older boys.  This was the first group home in the community and was provided through the help of the Optimist Group Foundation.  In the 1960s, both Porter-Leath Home and Children’s Bureau were agencies supported by Shelby United Neighbors (S.U.N.).  While the Children’s Bureau placed children with foster families and provided casework for children in the home, Porter-Leath Home provided institutional care for children.  In addition to receiving funding from S.U.N., Porter-Leath Home had an endowment fund. Interest from this fund, and a small amount of money collected from the families of the children, supplemented the funds allocated by S.U.N.  Approximately one-third of the yearly budget set up for operational expenses came from the Home’s own resources.