At the turn of the century, the Children’s Home, a small but similar institution on Alabama Street, was consolidated with the Orphanage and the institutions’ new name became the Leath Orphan Asylum and Children’s Home.  Early in 1900, the institution was updated and equipped with electric lights and plumbing.On March 16, 1900, the Leath Orphan Asylum and Children’s Home for Orphan and Destitute Children published its Constitution and By-Laws, listing their Trustees (W.W. Schoolfield, James K. Porter, J. S. Dunscomb, Judge J. R. Flippin, W. J. Chase, P. McIntyre and P.R. Friedel), their Honorary Members, Officers and Board Managers, along with the their former Presidents (Mrs. Marge Doyle, Mrs. Joseph Bruce, Mrs. Nina D. Martin, Mrs. A. F. Davis, Mrs. B. F. Haller, Mrs. Joseph Bruce, Mrs. Annie B. Stewart, and Mrs. L.E. Boswell).  This publication also set forth the “Rules” of the institution and its visitation policy.