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Teacher Excellence Program

The Teacher Excellence Program's vision is to professionalize the work of early childhood education by strengthening the knowledge and classroom practices, thus enhancing the skillset, of early childhood education teachers throughout the Greater Shelby County area, and eventually the Mid-South, via intentionally designed and data-informed professional development. Its mission intends to increase teachers’ experiences and strengthen their skillset and classroom practices resulting in a reduction of the “achievement gap” for children in low socio-economic environments, helping place them on a trajectory for success in school and in life.

Porter-Leath's Teacher Excellence Program uses these components to best equip early childhood educators across the area: 

High-Quality Teaching Practices

The intentional and thoughtful design of interactive, ongoing professional development that will allow teachers to possess effective, high quality teaching practices as they impart knowledge and skill to children.

Data-Informed Practices

The monitoring of teaching practices and reviewing assessment data to track and directly inform child outcomes as well as ongoing and future program quality. Evaluation and data will provide the program with hard evidence to demonstrate the impact of high-quality early learning experiences for young children in high-quality early care and education programs.

Reflective Practice

In partnership with their Instructional Coach, teachers will improve how they teach and interact with young children, allowing teachers to increase their confidence and become more proactive and effective early childhood education practitioners/professionals.

Continuous Quality Improvement

With the understanding that complacency is unacceptable and that there is no finish line as our work is a journey, the Instructional Coaches, teaching staff and the Teacher Excellence Program will embrace the mantra we espouse for children by adopting “a lifelong love of learning.” By focusing on our “process” rather than any specific individual, we will recognize both the internal and external purposes for our work that will promote the need to be objective as we analyze and improve our processes.

As a result, The Teacher Excellence program achieves the following outcomes:

  • Highly skilled and knowledgeable teachers with an appreciation for continuous quality improvement of their teaching practices through rigorous and intentionally designed professional development. 
  • Children who enter Kindergarten on grade and school ready who have developed a lifelong love of learning.
  • A reduction in the “achievement gap” for children from low socio-economic environments.
  • An appreciation for the return on investment that will benefit our community for generations to come.
  • An increased appreciation for the power of community organization and involvement with deeply invested and collaborative partners.


Shirley Floyd

Rafel hart,
VP of Teacher Excellence

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